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Defenders Of Make-Believe is an action drama TV series produced by Telescene Television and WilliamWill Television. It aired on June 13, 2018, on WilliamWill Network and The New UPN It was canceled on August 5, 2018, due to it having a much darker tone. While THE NEW UPN Made A Second Season

It was full revitalized on November 24th when Carrie Walton Animation took charge of production.


This story takes place in the Land of Make-Believe when an asteroid fell from the sky and lands on top of the Clock Tower in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. When Chime Time came, the asteroid made powerful shockwaves and gave the children superpowers. Each with a different ability. The Children Must Stop Militia with the help of Mem And Zen



  • Daniel Tiger: Daniel lives on Jungle Beach with Mom Tiger and Daniel Striped Tiger. He has a stuffed tiger he named "Tigey". He has Enhanced Strength, Flight, and Spell Casting.
  • Katerina Kittycat: Katerina lives with her mother, Henrietta Pussycat in the treehouse and loves dancing. She is O the Owl's next-door neighbor. She has Human Form, Animal Manipulation, and Laser Manipulation.
  • Miss Elaina: Miss Elaina enjoys doing things backward and lives with her parents, Lady Elaine and Music Man Stan, in the Museum-Go-Round. She has Energy Blade Construction, Shapeshifting, and Musical Instruments Manipulation.
  • O the Owl: O the Owl lives with his uncle X in the oak tree and is Katerina's next-door neighbor. He loves books and he reads all the time. O is a light blue owl who wears green sneakers. His catchphrase is "Hoo Hoo!" He has Enhanced Intelligence, Literary Manipulation, and Script Manipulation.
  • Chrissie: A cousin to both Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday, and niece of King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday. Her legs can't work on their own, so she has to use braces on her legs and crutches on her arms. Sometimes she needs some help, but sometimes she likes doing things for herself. She has a horse named Peaches. She has Wing Manifestation, Earth Manipulation, and Telekinesis.
  • Prince Wednesday: Prince Wednesday is the youngest member of the royal family who lives in the castle. He has Wing Manifestation, Electric Manipulation, and Age Spell Casting
  • Prince Tuesday: Prince Wednesday's older brother and King Friday's heir apparent. Prince Tuesday is Daniel Tiger's babysitter. He also works at the neighborhood restaurant as a waiter. He has Wing Manifestation, Plasma Manipulation, and Supersonic Speed.
  • Jodi "JoJo Bean" Platypus: The Medic Of The Adventures That Heals Anyone That Is Hurt And Has A Final Blast Called TNT Warehouse Punch.
  • Team Bunnings: The Team That Is Made Of: Prevue, Paintball Guy, Rabbit, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Timothy, Nico, Jumpy Ghostface, Bliss, Little Josh, Robot Jones, Paxy, Patty, Sheriff Callie Emily, Alexander, Potato, Mouse, and Eevee, In One Episode, They Became Members Of TDOMB, They Kill Lindabelle For What She Did


  • Maurice Mouse: She is a female mouse who can fly with her wings, use transformation and transgender spells, and can control oil.
  • Milton Mole: He is a mole who attacks from underground and pull the heroes down.
  • Selena Colwell: She is a five-year-old girl who can transform into a werewolf, control electricity and has Enhanced Flexibility.
  • Ana Platypus: She was a friend that was turned into an enemy after she killed Daniel Tiger's father and mother. She can control oil and ice. She is also the leader of the Militia.
  • Lindabelle Newman: A 15-year-old girl who is a member of Ana's Militia and is a perfectly good sniper.
  • Rio Raccoon: A 10-year-old British raccoon girl. She has a large tail she uses for defense and offense.
  • Mara Ferret: A 15-year-old ferret girl, She has transformation spells, can transform into a human, and can control fire. She has a 5-year-old sister named Natalie, and a 3-year-old brother named Calvin.


Spongy: See This Page

Mem And Zen: Two Aliens From The Planet Noob Who Helps The Children With STEAMRSH


Season 1 (June-December 2015, 26 Episodes)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Defenders' Formation An asteroid's shockwaves grant the children some super powers, making them the Defenders of Make-Believe in the process. June 13, 2015 5.56
2 A Mouse and a Mole Maurice and Milton show up to the Defenders, interfering them. Can they try and stop them?  June 20, 2015 8.58
3 Night of the Werewolf The Defenders encounter a mysterious werewolf. June 27, 2015 8.55
4 The Book of Magic Maurice and her team has stolen the Book of Magic away from the Defenders and won't give it back. July 4, 2015 7.16
5 Hoo-Dunit O the Owl's intelligence has been reversed by a spell, confusing the other heroes. July 11, 2015 11.56
6 Ana's Revenge Ana Platypus sneaks in Daniel Tiger's house and kills his father and mother. July 18, 2015 12.56
7 A Tail of Two Furries Daniel Tiger goes face to face with Rio Raccoon. July 25, 2015 12.53
8 Funeral Bust The villains are trying to disrupt Daniel Tiger's parents' funeral. January 1, 2016 15.76
9 Underground Sounds Milton Mole is trying to cause an earthquake with a new device he and his allies invented, called the Quaker Shaker 1210. January 8, 2016 19.85
10 Sisters, Sisters Sally Windia is attacking her former younger sister Natalie Windia. It's up to the Defenders to save Reena's life and return her to St. Louis.

January 15, 2016

11 Drawings in the Sky Katerina meets a little girl named Debbie Livingston who can bring rare and fictional creatures to life by drawing them in the air. January 22, 2016 12.56
12 To Grow a Baby Tiger Daniel uses the minerals from the asteroid to turn Baby Margaret Tiger into a 6-year-old girl. She also gains Body Manipulation, Enhanced Condition, Brain Manipulation, Teleportation, Fertility Inducement, Biomorphing, DNA Manipulation, Bio-Technology, Age Manipulation, Environment Adaptation and Bio-Energy Manipulation. January 29, 2016 17.53
13 Slithering Defenders The Defenders Of Make-Believe has been transformed into snakes thanks to Mara Ferret. February 5, 2016 18.52
14 Hostage Assassin LindaBelle Newman Kills The Defenders Of Make-Believe, So Team Bunnings Get Revenge On What Lindabelle Did. February 12, 2016 15.72
15 Margaret's Battle Margaret heads to the center of the town to battle against Lindabelle Newman's army of Militia. June 13, 2016
16 A Rabbit's Work