Lake Hoohaw's Crisis: Part 1 is the first part of the two-part season finale of Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters. It aired on December 21, 2015.


The Terror Team decides to pull off the biggest threat to defeat our heroes: Bomb Lake Hoohaw.


[The scene opens on The Terror Team's Headquarters]

Demon Alice: "Everybody. Listen up, we have a plan to destroy those idiots!"

Carly E. Cheese: "What's that Demon Alice?"

Jigglypuff Kelly: "Oh pretty please, tell us!"

Demon Alice: "It has come to mind that we have failed to stop this so-called Quantum Quintet! Thus, we are planning to execute a huge threat to attack them."

Darkness Moon: "What is it?"

Demon Alice: "Just bomb Lake Hoohaw."

Lilli Lillian Lillith: "Wait a sec, how will that work?"

Demon Alice: "Here's the plan. First, we travel to our destination of Lake Hoohaw, second, we prepare to fire our weapons, and last but not least.....ultimate destruction."

Melinda Celestial: "Great plan!"

[Meanwhile at Lake Hoohaw]

[We zoom towards the Otter Family Houseboat]

Jelly: "Isn't this a nice day?"

Peanut: "Hopefully the Terror Team won't attack our land."

Butter: "Yeah yeah!"

[Suddenly The Terror Team's Airship comes to Lake Hoohaw]

May Fieldmouse: "We have a problem here."

Munchy Beaver: "I'm so terrified!" (munches on a log in fear)

Tamara Beaver: "Chill out, brother. I can handle it."

Opal Otter: "So can I!"

Demon Alice: "Surprise!"

Peanut: "Come on, guys! Let's show them who's boss!"

(The Music For To Be Continued Plays While The Scene Becomes A Freeze Frame When The Catchy Part Plays)

[To be continued...]