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This is the logo for Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters.

Quantum Quintet: Family Crime Fighters is an animated action TV series about a group of family superheroes called The Quantum Quintet. It premiered on Orange Otter Network (now Golden Koala Network) on July 6th, 2015.

After a long 4-month hiatus, the series returned on October 24, 2016. The show was suddenly cancelled on April 4, 2018 after the company was sold to Cityvision-UPN Ventures to Viacom And CBS Corporation.



One day in Lake Hoohaw, a new mineral called Ottonic was discovered by a group of geologists from Freston-Moonves Tech. When it rained that night, the Ottonic became eroded into Lake Hoohaw's freshwater. The next morning, the Otter Family takes a drink of fresh water at the shore. Suddenly, they undergo a change (due to the Ottonic mixed in with the water) and discover their new superhero egos they dubbed themselves. They christen themselves collectively as the Quantum Quintet.

Meanwhile, Demon Alice forms an organization with the other villains as her henchmen and henchwomen called Terror Team, whose goal was to conquer the universe and destroy cities everywhere worldwide and to damage Lake Hoohaw into a ruin.

Each episode involves the Quantum Quintet stopping crime in various locations by using their abilities to defeat the villains.



Quantum Quintet

  • Musteelid: Peanut Otter's superhero ego. The leader of the Quantum Quintet who is a 7-year-old kid that is an expert in controlling steel.
  • Ultra Jellina: Jelly Otter's upgraded ego of Super Jellina. The second-in-command who is Musteelid's sister. She can control electricity and maneuvers very fast.
  • Infantitan: The baby of the gang with high intellect (allowing her to speak overly complex sentences and descriptions that may make your head spin, even though she's only 2) and Shapeshifting capabilities who can also manipulate ice and produce sonic baby screams.
  • Master Mama: A well-sighted mother of three kids sporting an inflatable 'fro who uses elemental household appliances for attacking.
  • Paternamo: The righteously strong dad with an elastic tie and is telepathic.

Other Heroes

  • The United Nations Army:
  • Tamara Beaver: She is a purple beaver that is Munchy Beaver's sister can use telekinetic powers, transform into a Unicorn, and has razor sharp fangs that are poisonous.
  • May Fieldmouse: She is the cousin of Simon Fieldmouse who can control fire and earth, transform into a mermaid, is invulnerable to all attacks and injuries, has a prehensile tail, and can control force-fields.
  • Sonic Sophie: Sophie the Otter's superhero form. She joined the heroes in Season 2.
  • Marina Raccoon: Reena Raccoon's superhero form. She is the leader of the Titanic Furries, which consists of Sheila Teer and Connie Tyler, Supreme Patty, Amazing Laura, The Get-Along Superheroes, Stupendous Roobear, The Great Gigantic Rabbits, Techno Gadget, and Swift Sofia Rabbit.


  • Demon Alice: The demonic incarnation of Alice who is the leader of the Terror Team.
  • Melinda Celestial: A sorceress who is a little girl. She is extremely difficult to destroy because she's extremely powerful. But not as powerful as Demon Alice.
  • Lilli Lillian Lillith: The Demonic daughter of the late June Williams who has the ability to control fire and magic.
  • Bedtime Bunny: She is an anthro bunny girl who is 12 years old. She has the ability to control wood and bones, to create magic spells and uses telekinesis.
  • Jigglypuff Kelly: She is a female clown and is super agile, quick and strong. She also has the ability to control flowers, teleport, transform and has animal magnetism.
  • Darkness Moon: She is the Evil version of Sailor Moon. She is also known as Jennifer Jelly. She has the ability to control water and powers, to shapeshift, to teleport and to become super agile and strong.
  • Carly E. Cheese: She is the daughter of Chuck E. Cheese who has dangerous powers. She has abilities to transform into an anthro Mouse Girl, to control the minds of people with a single bite, to control and build objects using telekinetic powers, to run as fast as a racecar. She also has a prehensile tail that can bend, twist, stretch, transform, grab, multiply, grow, strike the heart and launch missiles. She is very attractive, smart and athletic.
  • Daniella Koala: She is an anthropomorphic koala who can create magic spells and transform into a demonic dragon. She is also the foster sister of Roobear Koala.
  • Carrie Haier: She is the 4-year-old sister of Betsy Haier. She can transform into a kitsune, a werewolf, a werecat, and a snake, control geothermal molten substances, have additional limbs and cast spells.
  • Betsy Haier: Betsy Haier is the sixth child and second daughter of Barney and was a small egg, now she is an adult. She has abilities of Super Evil Barney and could transform into three other dinosaurs: protoceratops, triceratops, and hadrosaur. She also has the ability to manipulate gold and silver, change her age, and make herself invisible.
  • Terror Popple: She is a black and indigo Popple who can destroy every single object with her destructive powers.
  • Radioactive Popple: He is a light green and yellow Popple who can transform into a Popplishan (half werewolf, half Popple).
  • Pestilence Popple: She is a white and brownish-green Popple who can invoke and control pests, locusts that spoil crops, and flies that carry disease. She will also gain immunity to pests and viruses, but can also create, invoke, and control diseases and viruses.
  • War Popple: She is a Red and brown Popple who has the power to influence all forms of conflict including mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones, regardless of the area and numbers involved, control how they progress and draw power both from the conflict alone as well as the dying. She is, naturally, extremely skilled in all form of fighting, weapons and both strategy and tactics as well as statistics of war. She can start conflicts by influencing people or events, raise their personal and fanatical armies, control and create weapons of every kind and even grant others extensive abilities of combat.
  • Famine Popple: She is a Brown and burgundy red Popple who can cause famine on any scale including; a region, country continent, planet or as extreme as a universe. Even is used on a minuscule scale, it can ultimately cause global disruption.
  • Death Popple: She is a Black and gray Popple who can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing a certain ritual.
  • Eihpos the Demon Otter: She is an evil counterpart to Sophie the Otter. She does not speak, but rather growls and roars like big cats. She has a sidekick named Tunaep the NSI Otter, an evil counterpart to Peanut Otter.
  • Tunaep the NSI (Not-So-Innocent) Otter is Eihpos the Demon Otter's only cousin and former brother of Yllej and Rettub (who were absorbed by him so that he can achieve maximum psychopathy).


  • Paxy: Hosts Viewer Mail Time.


Season 1, 26 Episodes (July-November 2015)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Rise of the Five New Egos When a new mineral Ottonic has been discovered, it soon eroded into the waters of Lake Hoohaw. After consuming some water, the Otter Family becomes the Quantum Quintet for the first time. July 6, 2015 19.58
2 Attack on Howdydoo Island The Terror Team is trying to destroy Sophie's old hometown of Howdydoo Island. To make matters worse, the Terror Team is holding her hostage! July 13, 2015 19.57
3 Joke on the Waterloo The Terror Team is holding grudges against the spirits of the heroic winners of the Battle of the Waterloo. As a result, they make the spirits rise from their graves and attempt to take them down. Can the Quantum Quintet protect the spirits with their powers? July 20, 2015 19.68
4 Filth-adelphia The City of Brotherly Love has lost its glory when it is covered by a big cloud of unhealthy haze released by the Terror Team. Will our heroes clean Philadelphia in time? July, 27, 2015 19.52
5 Dubai's Devastation The city of Dubai is being attacked by the Terror Team, they've also kidnapped a little girl named Umatilla Akarhillen and turned her into a pig. Will our heroes save the girl and the city? August 3, 2015 19.63
6 No Need to Russia Moscow and Soviet are in trouble as the Terror Team tries to conquer it. What's even worse is that they're possessing the Bird Nesting Dolls as explosive weapons! It's up to the Quantum Quintet to take good care of it! August 10, 2015 19.72
7 Japan-demonium The Terror Team has unleashed a very menacing Godzilla robot to attack Tokyo. In fact, a young Japanese woman named Satomi Iwata's pet cat Doki gets captured by the monster. What will the heroes do now to rescue the cat and defeat the robotic beast? August 17, 2015 19.53
8 The Pounce on Egypt The Terror Team is destroying Cairo, Egypt's famous landmarks from the pyramids to the Sphinx. They also revived King Tut and controlled his mind to be evil. Can the heroes sort things out? August 24, 2015 19.55
9 Eyes on the Sky A zeppelin has just been released by Demon Alice and her henchmen and henchwomen. They took to the skies as a getaway from the Quantum Quintet. Will Musteelid and his crew hunt them down before they disappear? August 31, 2015 18.64
10 African Attack! In the savannah of Tanzania, the Terror Team has tranquillized the poor baby animals there. What will our heroes do now? September 7, 2015 19.98
11 Greece-ession Athens' famous landmarks are about to be turned into rubble when the Terror Team prepares for destruction in Greece. Can the Quantum Quintet prevent this? September 14, 2015 19.53
12 Face Invaders Demon Alice has summoned a giant floating Panda face named Pandross, a robotic head imposter of Pammy Panda from Shirt Tales and a slight parody of Andross to attack Area 51. The Quantum Quintet must defeat Pandross and protect Area 51. September 21, 2015 23.52
13 Do You Sea It? The Terror Team has constructed a submarine and took off into the ocean depths, ready to destroy the Great Barrier Reef. Can our heroes save the reef before it's destroyed? September 28, 2015 20.72
14 The Future is Dim Demon Alice and her crew have used a time travelling device to go forward into the year 3015 AD to cause chaos there. It's up to Musteelid and company to save the future! October 5, 2015 22.65
15 Where a Kid Can be Stupid Carly E. Cheese has constructed her own pizza place that's better than her father's. She has brainwashed healthy eaters to visit the new Carly E. Cheese's restaurant. Unfortunately, things go bad to worse as the children attracted there have gone unruly. Will the madness continue? October 12, 2015 19.53
16 Rotten to the Koreas North and South Korea face danger as Demon Alice and the villains place a large electric fence separating the two countries, thus making them inaccessible to one another North or South Korean. Will the Quantum Quintet break the border? October 19, 2015 20.53
17 Halloween Havoc in Hollywood Uh oh! Hollywood is struggling to keep the Halloween fun rolling when the Terror Team strikes there dressed as ugly ghosts, goblins, and monsters, stealing all the movie equipment during a Halloween special shooting and kidnapping famous celebrities that are to star in a horror movie.   October 26, 2015 21.65
18 Wry Bones The Terror Team has invaded a boneyard in Tucson, Arizona and have threatened to destroy the dinosaur bones. What will the Quantum Quintet do now? November 2, 2015 19.86
19 Jungle Bruise The Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed by Demon Alice and the rest of the villains, causing the animals to lose their homes. Will the rainforest be put back together again? November 9, 2015 18.53
20 Terror-nado The Terror-nado has recently been planned by the Terror Team, which is an EF5 Tornado that is only a step close to the unofficial EF6. After being unleashed, our heroes must stop this unfair weather enemy. November 16, 2015 15.56
21 Turkey 'n the Claw In this Thanksgiving special, the Terror Team has unleashed a flock of turkeys with sharp talons to take vengeance to families on Thanksgiving. Musteelid and the gang must save the holiday! November 23, 2015 18.93
22 The Moon-ery The Terror Team has escaped to the Moon to push it out of reach for the astronauts to access it and perhaps settle in it in the future. Can the Quantum Quintet return the celestial body? November 30, 2015 19.53
23 Kitty Hawk Hack Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers' flight took place, has been bombed by a warplane controlled by Demon Alice. Our heroes must protect it. December 7, 2015 18.97
24 Swiss Cross Alpine Boss In the Swiss Alps, the Terror Team is trying to destroy the mountains and butcher the mountain goats there. Will the Quantum Quintet prevent them from further damage? December 14, 2015 14.52
25 Lake Hoohaw's Crisis: Part 1 The Terror Team decides to pull off the biggest threat to defeat our heroes: Bomb Lake Hoohaw.  December 21, 2015 28.45
26 Lake Hoohaw's Crisis: Part 2 Demon Alice and the others have just set foot in Lake Hoohaw, ready to cause destruction, but fortunately, the Quantum Quintet and their allies try to take them down. December 28, 2015 28.56

Season 2, 26 Episodes (February-July 2016)

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 Popplesmen Strike On! The Six Popplesmen go to New York City and completely destroy it via Terror Popple's powers. After the damage was done, Death Popple kills Paternamo and Master Mama and Ultra Jellina's time powers are stripped from her. February 1, 2016 14.78
2 The Aftermath The remaining 70 people that survived the destruction of New York City fled to Miami, Florida while the United Nations Army and Infantitan, Musteelid, and Ultra Jellina fled to Chicago, Illinois. They meet Blythe Baxter and Sofia the First who have powers from WilliamWill and Friends Destroy Marchington. February 8, 2016 25.56
3 Mascot Depths Carly E. Cheese decides to defunct her dad's chain and replace it. She captures all the pizza chain's mascots (Including her father) what will the Quantum Quintet do? February 15, 2016 21.85
4 101 Evil Popples The heroes encounter The Popplesmen's 101 clones of themselves. February 22, 2016 20.75
5 Stand Still, Mill! The Terror Team has used the Wilcoxton Logging Co.'s Sawmill to kill the employees there. It's up to the Quantum Quintet and Sonic Sophie to rescue the innocent. February 29, 2016 14.76
6 Jungle Wish The United Nations Army and the Quantum Quintet go to Willow Falls and the LaSallia River and they see some cheetahs. They used a potion to turn the cheetahs back into their human forms while Blythe Baxter gets pushed into the stream and was permanently turned into a Popple by Daniella Koala. March 7, 2016 19.48
7 Tunaep's Great Vision Tunaep absorbs his body into Sally Otter's brain, giving her a really bad nightmare where Lake Hoohaw is burning in flames and every single one of it's residents are dead and it is all because of her. March 14, 2016 19.86
8 Miles From Budapest Daniella Koala is holding the citizens of Budapest in the Budapest Hotel, and is about to blow up the place with a bomb. March 21, 2016 20.63
9 Humanless in Sydney The Terror Team goes to Sydney and turns every single human into either a kangaroo, koala, dingo, wombat, or sugar glider. Musteelid and Co. must revert the damage done before the Terror Team breaks Australia into pieces. March 28, 2016 27.56
10 The Apocalypse Airmen The Popplesmen steal six army planes and heads to Chicago to cause some trouble there. April 4, 2016 25.56
11 Serpent City The Terror Team decides to put a lot of snakes and serpents in Wilcoxton. April 11, 2016 21.86
12 Sao Popple

The Popplesmen decided to use their powers to turn everyone in Sao Paulo into Popples.

April 18, 2016 22.87
13 The Raccoon's New Powers After falling into a puddle of water that is filled with Ottonic, Reena Raccoon turns into a 16 year old raccoon superhero named Marina Raccoon, who has powers like possessing a limitless level of speed and velocity-based power, possess a limitless level of athletic skills, possesses a limitless level of strength and offensive power that can distort or do immense damage to anything in existence, release/use light blue energy to various attacks, and switch or shift from one species to another. April 25, 2016 21.46
14 A Human Popple? The United Nations Army came to see that Billy and Bonnie Wagner was turned into bunnies, and the 9 original Popples were turned into humans by the Six Popplesmen.  May 2, 2016 20.84
15 A Fluffy Change of Fate After being pushed out of the window of the Rainbow Blade by Betty Howard who was transformed into a 16 year-old teen by the Shapeshifter Ray, Sofia the First accidentally swallows the Ottonic rock and becomes a 18 year-old teen cat named Sofia Kitten who has the power to move at extraordinary physical speed, induce fertility in a subject causing growth and reproduction, utilize Dark magic, transform into or have a physical body made up of stone, control plant-life, and to invoke war and discord. May 9, 2016 24.75
16 A Cyberpunk Girl

After accidentally touching the Shapeshifter Ray, Betty Howard transforms herself into a 16 year-old teen who has powers like manipulate electronics and machinery, create constructs out of data, and possess a computer-like brain with advanced capabilities.

May 16, 2015 24.56
17 Panama Shenanigans Daniella Koala has used her magic skills to block the Panama Canal to make this her territory, so it's up to Musteelid and Co. to save the canal from danger. May 23, 2016 28.66
18 An Huge Age Swap Lilli Lillith has swapped the whole world's ages except Sheila Teer, Connie Tyler, and Musteelid and Co. So they decided to revert everybody's ages back to the way it was. May 30, 2016 22.24
19 London's Most Wanted James Hugh steals the Crown Jewels and takes it to Hawaii to throw it in a volcano. So it's up to Sheila and Musteelid to battle James. June 6, 2016 23.63
20 A New Alice After the events of The WilliamWill Sequel: Red Winter, Alice quits the Terror Team for good, making the others angry, especially Daniella Koala. June 13, 2016 29.32
21 The Events are Real After a huge argument with his sister, Callie Otter, Baby Xavier Otter uses a torch to burn down all of Lake Hoohaw, turning her parents into jelly in the process. June 20, 2016 36.63
22 Zambia Distress Jigglypuff Kelly goes to Zambia and kidnaps every child, and burns down every house. It's up to Musteelid and Co. stop her from doing that dastardly deed. June 27, 2016 31.36
23 Stephanie's Mind During a presidential debate, Stephanie Charikan gets brainwashed by Carly E. Cheese and blows up the stage, killing everyone, including her father, in the process. The only ones that weren't killed are the rest of Stephanie's family and Stephanie herself. So Kristi Contario and the Charikan Family has to find out who did this. October 24, 2016 23.86
24 Dastardly Direction: Part 1 The Terror Team head to Elwood City to terrorize the children there. So the United Nations Army is sent there to hold them off as Musteelid and Co. learn about Lauren Tyler, Connie's 13 year-old sister. December 12, 2016 28.85
25 Dastardly Direction: Part 2 After learning that Daniella Koala is the demonic incarnation of Lauren Tyler, Musteelid and Co., and other superheroes fight against the Terror Team to save Elwood City. December 13, 2016 37.45

Season 3

Episode No. Title Premise Airdate Ratings
1 The New Barneyville

After the demise of The Terror Team and the reconstruction of New York City. A trio of kids known as The Sapphires, kill Sheila Teer and Connie Tyler and attack London with an airstrike, forcing the Goodland family, Justin and Amanda Liam to leave the city. They also put The Quantum Quintet, Katherine Koala, Shirley Pig, Stephanie Charikan, and Bobby and Cindy Mossington in an alternate universe where The Barney Bunch controls the whole world.

May 7, 2017 24.23
2 America's Not What it Seems The team meets Lizzie Princess and Amber Lion form the Barney Dimension and learn that everything has changed in this dimension such as Speedee becoming McDonald's mascot again, the countries that the Barney Bunch controlled became part of the Barnian Empire, and slavery was made legal in the empire. June 12, 2017 27.68
3 A Savage Ordeal
4 Project Horsey
5 Revealing Orders