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This is my website called The WilliamWill Wiki. The wiki has all the cool stuff about me, my projects, and my OCs. You can help me build this wiki to make it popular. I really want everyone to like this wiki.


This wiki has:

  1. My Favorite Stuff
  2. My Projects
  3. My Fictional Characters
  4. Fictional Stories


If you have a question about this wiki or any page, good ideas for characters and/or stories, go to my Message Wall and comment me about it.

My Accounts

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First offense is a 1 day block, then a week, then two weeks, and so on.

Pornography and Unacceptable Usernames

Pornography, and Usernames that are deemed inappropriate, are not allowed here. First offense is an indefinite block.


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To become a chat moderator, you must be active on chat for a month. To be a rollback, you must meet the same requirements as above. Here is a list of the rules for administrators:

  • No blocking people for no reason.
  • No abusing your power. (known as Admin Abusing -- AAing).
  • Don't promote users to administrator, chat moderator or rollback unless they meet the qualifications.
  • Don't treat your friends higher than other users. Everybody is equal.


  • Try not to cause trouble.
  • Falsely accusing users of other things is not tolerated here.
  • Do not replace pictures without the uploaders consent. The same applies with edits, posts, forums, etc.
  • Do not make articles out of missing or deceased persons
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